Edge Group / Projects The Overt Breakfast action 1992

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Text by Dimitar Mitovski The Overt Breakfast action

The action called The Overt Breakfast or "Orgy on the Pier" was the beginning of the end for the group. After that Kolyo (Karamfilov) and I decided to drop out. Our aesthetic pursuits at that time diverged sharply from some of the artists from the Edge Group. The year is 1992. We received an invitation to participate in the international festival in Balchik “Process – Space”, organized by Dimitar Grozdanov. The question immediately arose as to what to participate with. I remember saying: “We can participate with something easy that won't take us long time and effort, but it will bring us great satisfaction”.

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The festival is а kind of plein air. The artists gather for a certain period of time and create their works on site, displaying them at the end. I persuaded part of the group not to bother working but instead to figure out a way to drink throughout the festival. We decided that we would have to convey an artistic form of drunkenness in order to fit into the festival process. These were difficult transition years. People were very poor and hungry. We decided to ironize the situation we were in. Self-irony is something that always makes sense of things and gives meaning to life. At that time Remis (Rumen Zhekov) was close to some cool guys who produced croissants and they had financial resources. On top of that they also enjoyed our art. These people reached into their pockets and made the The Overt Breakfast a reality. With their help we bought huge quantities of then exotic food and brand-name alcohol. To give the performance an appearance and meaning, as well as to protect it from artistic festival invasion, we decided to do it on one of the piers of Balchik. So we created a space for observation with limited access by land and above all to control the frantic desire of the spectators to join the performance. To give socio-political meaning to our work, it was very important to show that the rich and content are a handful of people gathered in a place inaccessible to the poor and the hungry.

The interest was outstanding

We started around ten in the morning and finished in the evening when the waves washed over the pier. The interest was outstanding. There is always suspense when those who watch and do not have are on the one side and on the other side are those who have but do not notice. The watchers fight for survival, and the haves for even more. The dramaturgy of the video we made in the summer of 1992 is based on this simple idea. You can see The Overt Breakfast thanks to the camera man Rumen Baychev, who filmed the performance and was accepted as an honorary member of the group. A year later, after the fiasco in Pazardzhik, he was kicked out, and I left with him.

Dimitar Mitovski, Emil Mirazchiev, Igor Budnikov, Ivaylo Grigorov, Kolyo Karamfilov, Monika Romenska, Nadya Genova, Rumen Zhekov.