Edge Group / Projects Black Happening eco-action 1990

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Text by Nadya Genova Black Happening eco-action

The specific reason for the action is a movement to build actual treatment plants in a non-ferrous metal processing plant near the city. The change in political life in the country and the overthrow of the Communist Party made it possible to shed light on this problem and to do what is necessary to stop the poisoning of air, soil and water in the area, which has been going on for many years with the knowledge of and due to the inaction of the party nomenclature.

United into one, the separate elements of the eco-action – an action, vision and materiality give it the character of an emotional reaction, protest and appeal for action after years of restraint and powerless witnessing. The action takes place on the day of the religious Christian holiday Palm Sunday and the Edges organize two contrasting compositional centers. One is in a small garden in the center of the city, whose benches, bushes, green areas and tree trunks are covered with black polyethylene fabric. Among them are placed black and white drawings – symbolic images of threat and suffering. Before the eyes of the passers-by, the Edges, dressed in black, unfold the black nylons and the fresh green of the garden turns into a black stain.

Preservation of nature and life

The other center is in the Old Town where a cardboard measuring 200 x 2700 cm is hung on the fence of one of the churches and the people leaving the church are given brushes and paints and invited to write or draw something. Drawings appear on the cardboard, together with captions of the chanted by the protesters on the streets callings for a break with the communist ideology and totalitarian past. Covering a garden with black material visualizes vividly, albeit conditionally, the consequences of a lack of understanding and commitment to the preservation of nature and life. At the same moment the people drawing on paper can symbolically reject the dependence on that dark side of man that can make any cataclysm possible.