Edge Group / Projects The Body Of The Water action 1993

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Text by Albena Mihaylova – Bendji The Body Of The Water action

The action was presented in the building of Maestro Georgi Atanasov Concert Hall, Pazardzhik. We were invited to open the Winter Music Evenings with an experimental action – acoustic-electric performance against the background of 8 glass fish tanks with dimensions 80cm x 80cm x 50cm. We went with the idea of improvisation. There were no try-outs.

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A distillation system with a spirit lamp was placed in one of the fish tanks – the flame was burning in the water. We installed pumps and hoses where we inserted air. There were goldfish swimming in some of the tanks, and in others – dozens of candles on a layer of oil. We turned off the lights and operated in the dark. The sounds of the bubbling devices were reproduced by speakers scattered around the hall. Dimitar Mitovski and Rumen Zhekov handled the mixing console. The acoustic setting in the dark created unusual sensations and levels of perception.

Our action was a challenge

During the action we enjoyed ourselves sincerely and anarchically. There was no allocation of roles and actions. The improvisation reached a climax when Rumen Zhekov broke one of the tanks with the microphone stand. Litres of water poured onto the feet of the elegant guests. The invitation of the organizers for the Edge Group to open the event was quite daring and risky. Our action was a challenge.

The lobby of the Maestro Georgi Atanasov Concert Hall, Pazardzhik
Albena Mihaylova, Dimitar Mitovski, Emil Mirazchiev, Igor Budnikov, Nadya Genova, Rumen Zhekov.