Edge Group / Projects Large Photography exhibition 1991

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Text by Emil MirazchievLarge Photography exhibition

“Large photography” – the name “large” comes not only from the fact that the exhibition was realized by the Edge Group, but also from the means of expression itself. "Large" in the sense of format as well as impact. Along with the other media the group has used over the years, we settled precisely on photography as the main means of expression and the result was a large-scale exhibition with various techniques and messages in the context of ordinary photography, installation, performance, object.

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At that time, large format photography was unthinkable to produce at home or in ordinary commercial photo studios. The exhibition was realized thanks to Takor Kyurdyan, who was artist-photographer at the FOHAR photographic materials factory. He managed to arrange for us to stay for a week at the factory where we immersed ourselves in the magic called photography. We used all the resources this place could provide – large format rolls of paper, the available copying machinery, and accordingly the huge tanks for developing and fixing which looked like swimming pools. The process was accompanied by work in the dark, playing with the spotlight of the copier or with various light sources that we invented ourselves, and then came the miracle of development when we saw what we had been working on in the dark after all. All these ideas, concepts and experiments were visualized on paper. As it is said in our manifesto that we will draw upon the whole world, this exhibition was not an exception, but on the contrary – it was a manifestation of our fullest understanding of the inclusion of different forms in a common creative process.

'Big Party'

During the exhibition, at the bottom of the second floor of the gallery we made a black box where the theatre director Katya Petrova realized an innovative for that time light show. It was a theatrical performance with white ropes and ultraviolet lighting that created an atmosphere of magic with an extremely impressive effect. Naturally, as part of the opening we organized “Big Party” – an improvised bar with music. We put up a few panels painted by the group with holes in the places of the heads, forming something like a corner reminiscent of a photo studio or the attributes of street photographers at a fair. They attracted the spectators who were photographed and thus became part of the performance and the photographic experience. At the opening, the group A'Part, directed by Sasho Petkov, performed with well-balanced dance movements between the objects of the exhibition. “Large Photography” was an impressive and multi-layered exhibition filled with numerous experiments, experiences and creative energy so characteristic for the Edge Group.

Exhibition hall of the Union оf Plovdiv Artists, Plovdiv
Albena Mihaylova, Dimitar Mitovski, Emil Mirazchiev, Igor Budnikov, Kolyo Karamfilov, Monika Romenska, Nadya Genova, Paul Albert, Rumen Zhekov, Veneta Marinova.

Albena Mihaylova

Emil Mirazchiev

Igor Budnikov

Dimitar Mitovski, Kolyo Karamfilov

Nadya Genova

Paul Albert

Rumen Zhekov

Veneta Marinova