Edge Group / Projects Root High in the Sky action 1990

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Text by Albena Mihaylova – Bendji Root High in the Sky action

On May 8, 1990, in front of the Balabanov House in The Old Town, EDGE realized its second public space action called “Root High in the Sky”. A dark massif built from oiled traverses resembles a root turned upside down, with its branches towards the sky, tied with strips of fabric 70 cm wide and over 50 m long. The tentacles of the root extend high towards the surrounding buildings and dominate the space. Women from EDGE cultivate the soil around the “root” with picks and shovels, drawing fine spirals furrows. In contrast, jagged stones are placed between the concentric lines, and their function is also strengthening. A characteristic element appears, used in other installations and performances of the group from this period – cardboard cones, with application in the textile industry. The cones located on the ground rhythmically follow the lines of the spiral. The idea of the land art action is identical with the message of Binyо’s verse. The growth of life cannot be stopped, nor can the freedom of the spirit. Placed in impossible conditions, the restrained force thrives. The wild, the real, coming from the bowels, finds its way up.

Flow of inner energy and intuition

Women from the “Edge”, driven by a flow of inner energy and intuition, “process” their urge to unfold. With atypical means, they create a delicate artwork with a powerful constructivist vision, which takes over. In June of that year, some of the materials used in the land art action as well as modified photographs from the process are presented in the exhibition “Labyrinth” in the halls of the Union of Bulgarian Artists in Sofia. The installation is titled Back. Albena Mihaylova, Emil Mirazchiev and Nadya Genova are participants.