Edge Group / Projects The Brick action 1993

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Text by Albena Mihaylova – Bendji The Brick action

At the end of the summer of 1992, several Edges and friends gathered at our villa in Bratsigovo with the idea of reflecting and analysing our creative position as a group over the years so far. Especially after the "The Ideal" project, 1992, the bar was raised very high. We had entered a new dimension where the conceptual, the philosophical, the theatrical and the unpredictable met. It was difficult for us to return to the materiality in art. We felt the need for a new creative approach. We searched for the ease of the game, the surprise of elements and actions assembled somehow illogically, in the Edge style. It is no coincidence that the subsequent exhibition of the Edge Group in the spring of 1993 – “Opus Probect 93” – represented this creative direction very faithfully.

'The Brick' action took place spontaneously

'The Brick' action took place spontaneously, like a game, and therefore it carries the grain of this creative direction. Emo, Rumen (maybe Igor too) and I walked to an area on the outskirts of Bratsigovo, where there was an abandoned brickyard. We liked it and began to play around. We built, photographed and fantasized, then we discussed with the others. The idea developed, grew and turned into an event that went beyond the framework of an Edge exhibition. At the end of January 1993, in the Akrabov gallery in Plovdiv, “The Brick” exhibition opened, curated by Dimitar Grozdanov. Not only Edges but also many international authors participated.