Edge Group / Projects Bright Light action 1991

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Text by Nadya Genova Bright Light action

One thought, fruit of human experience and wisdom, provoked the group to an action in the public space: Each of us is one small light. All together, we shine bright. (Jewish proverb).

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The Edges choose the waiting room of the central railway station in Plovdiv. A location livelier and quicker to change than any urban square. Rarely and briefly does anyone stick to one place. The Edges program an electronic dashboard to display this thought, and between each two occurrences of the test, the name of the group, the hour, date, month and year of the happening appear. The board is mounted on the wall in the waiting room of the station. The camera that documents the action is static and it captures the wall with the dashboard and the people passing by. The background sound is created by a female voice periodically announcing the arrival and departure of trains.

The union erupts into a common creative upsurge

The Edges are extras. They stroll in front of the lens, mixed with the passengers. People come in and out of frame. Most do not notice that in addition to the large electronic information board there is also a smaller one that is also active. Only a few stop, read and look around, searching for an explanation for this unexpected object, that tells them something beyond the context of the place and their current purpose. The Edges want to make a statement to every audience. Their artistic approach in this case is to find the contrast between the positive concept of this expression and the detached passengers, participants in the common game of time. The Edges have their own point of view. They are at the beginning of their common appearances, sharing ideas and creative projects. They are enthusiastic about the coincidence of positions and points of view. The union erupts into a common creative upsurge. Hoorah!

The waiting room at the central railway station, PLOVDIV
Albena Mihaylova, Dimitar Mitovski, Emil Mirazchiev, Igor Budnikov, Kolyo Karamfilov, Monika Romenska, Nadya Genova, Rumen Zhekov, Veneta Marinova.