Project The Museum Text by Nadya Genova 2016

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Week of Contemporary Art THE PROJECT 'THE EDGE MUSEUM'

The creation of Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv, the Ancient Bath is a collaboration between members of the Edge Group and the Municipality of Plovdiv. The group does not gather for joint performances but since 1995 some of the artists who remained in the city have begun to work actively to create a conceptual platform and a permanent team to carry out the activities of the Center. The abandoned building of an ancient Turkish bath is the place where, for 22 years, numerous projects have been implemented with the participation of artists and curators from all over the world. Director of the Center and a key figure in the structuring and creation of the conceptual framework is one of the members of the Edge Group – Emil Mirazchiev. Today the building is administered by the State Art Gallery, Plovdiv. Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv continues to function using various spaces.

Within the framework of one of the main annual events of the Center – Week of Contemporary Art – the Edge Museum project is presented. With joint efforts, the Edges have collected works shown in various exhibitions of the group over the years. Gallery owners, private collectors and the artists themselves provide the works for this project. Some need to be restored and others built anew as a replica of the original. Paintings, objects, installations and videos are displayed in the specific environment of the Ancient Bath. The Edge Group had a strong presence in the artistic life of Bulgaria at pivotal historical moments and has influenced many young authors in terms of aesthetics and ideas. The group's performances both in the halls and in public space changed the attitudes and understanding of the audience accustomed to conventional exhibitions and galleries This project is an attempt at creating a permanent exhibition of works by the Edge Group.